I get a lot of messages asking if I take on commissions and I generally turn them down, mainly because I have so many pieces in the pipeline but also because most people just don’t appreciate what they entail and the cost that comes with that but also I may not have a slot in my existing schedule to suit your requirement.

The average piece of artwork that i create can take 70 – 200 hours, this is spread over weeks/months usually. I put my heart and soul and in some cases my sanity, into every piece of work I create.
That’s how much I demand of myself and how deeply I immerse myself.

Even if working at an incredibly modest £10 an hour that could be £700 – £2000 for the final piece. But we are talking of a very unique highly detailed piece of art so you will understand that my hourly rate is around double that (which is still not expensive for a skilled artist to create something unique).

If after reading that you’re still interested and would like to discuss your project further then I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via the contact page.

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