About Me

My beginnings in art..

Art and good design have always been one of my big interests, at school I was always keen on art but unfortunately my school didn't cater for genuine interest so that sort of stinted any development in that area or so I thought... But thankfully back in 2016 just a few months after turning 52 I rediscovered my passion for art.
For many weeks I had been trying to come up with a suitable way to mark the birth of our wonderful first grandson from my daughter Joel and was I struggling as every obvious option just felt commercial and lacked that personal touch which would truly portray my sheer delight, then by chance I found myself at a loose end in the arts & crafts section of a large department one day while my wife was shopping and that's when I had the idea of drawing Joel. Since then we have been blessed with a second grandson Jackson from my Son.

This is that very first drawing I did following that trip, its nothing like my recent works in quality and materials are pretty basic but it still means so much to me.

Since then I have spent many ours developing my skills and I use superior materials too which have resulted in what you see today.
This are more recent drawings seen with the original photos) of Joel and Jackson.

I'm lucky in that I can turn my hand to most things if I put my mind to it so this wasn't too onerous and after all what is the worst thing that can happen? Well the rest as they say is history, so my first drawing featured my lovely daughter Lauren and grandson Joel. It went well and to my delight it looked like them :)

This inspired me to do more and more and not only that I studied techniques of many established pencil artists to hone my skills. I really tested myself and with each new drawing I set new goals. For instance if you look at my gallery for the Breaking Bad drawing the new challenges were the clouds and different clothing materials, then after that I did Evel Knievel and that one I wanted to depict white leather, then came my graphite pencil drawing of Barry Sheene and  the main focus was the perspex screen and smooth shiny panels and so on...
You see I get a real buzz creating art and in particular motorsport or transport related art, there is something very satisfying producing art that can move people to tears (in a good way).

Since then I have spent many hours studying drawing techniques of some of the best pencil artists who work in both graphite and also colour and tested some of the finest materials until I honed my own methods to produce what I consider a very high quality drawing. It is not unusual for me to spend in excess of 60 hours on a drawing as I ensure everything is absolutely spot on.

Detail, detail and more detail..
I have discovered that with regard to art, detail and attention to detail is my thing. My taste in art is very simple, I don't get a buzz from abstract art but a piece of art that looks exactly like its subject really ticks all the boxes for me.

To give you an insight into my processes I will always lightly draw the outline details for a drawing before covering it completely with paper coverings to protect the drawing surface until it is time for that section to be drawn to a finish level.

No matter how smooth the paper is it still has a level of tooth which needs to be protected as using the wrong style of mark making can completely flatten this which would mean that the end result for that area could be compromised in that its virtually impossible to then get the level of darkness onto flat paper. If you imagine trying to draw on glass if you like as opposed to ply wood you can probably imagine what I'm getting at.

Oil Painting..
After having some success with drawing I had the burning desire to introduce colour into my work so the obvious route was to try oil painting and so I gave this a try in 2017 and have produced 3 or four items to date. Although the results were quite encouraging and I loved the new challenges dealing with colour values and specifically mixing different colours it was taking up far to much time away from my main interest which is drawing. Painting is more a pleasure that needs to be developed at some point and very much plays second fiddle to drawing.

Here is my second painting "Misty Morning" 12 x 12 in oil on board.

Colour Pencil Drawing
In mid 2018 I with the decided to colour drawing a try as colour was still an itch for me that needed scratching. I did my research on artist high quality pencil brands and decided to give Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils a go, after a successful trial with a hanfull of pencils I purchased their full set of 120 colours.

I still love graphite pencil drawing and so my latest style evolved where by I combine the two styles onto one finished work (called Juxtapose)

This is my latest pencil drawing (23.4 x 16.5 in) which took 67.5 hours to draw, the portrait is drawn purely with graphite pencils (B4, B2 HB & H2) and the colour section drawn with the Polychromos only.

More of my drawing can bee seen on the home page of this website, also you can look at in progress photos on a number of my drawing on the Progress Albums page of this site.

I have recently started selling Limited Edition Prints of my work and may prints are offered for fundraising for good causes such as Great Ormand Street Childeren's Hospital   

Thanks for reading.