Chitty drawing gets seal of approval from leading cast members

My recent Chitty chitty bang bang drawing got the seal of approval recently from 2 of the leading cast members of the film:)

Heather Ripley & Adrian Hall who can bee seen in this photo with the drawing, starred as the children (Jemima & Jeremy Potts) in the original 1968 film alongside Dick Van Dyke & Sally Ann Howes, and are the two children captured in my drawing.

They saw the drawing and were blown away by the detail. 
Adrian remarked.. 
"Of all the artwork I've seen connected to Chitty, this is the most accurate, sensitive and interesting. Great piece!"

Heather said 
"It's amazing, the detail! the drawing of me even has the creases on my forehead right"

I'm so pleased with the reception this drawing has received, when you think of all the Chitty events and merchandise Adrian & Heather must have seen over the years it is so amazing they rate this so highly.

There are still a few of the Limited Edition Prints available which can be purchased from this website